Among the traditional 50Hz chargers, the SE Series is ideal to charge either new or second hand batteries.

It’s the economic version of the EVO Series but still able to satisfy every battery charging needs


Budget Pricing

Despite the integrated functions in the innovative control card and quality of materials, the SE Series offers a very competitive price in any market.

Safety and Reliability

All values read from the control card during the charging cycle are kept under strict control to ensure that there isn’t something wrong with the charge.

Easy to Handle

This charger is fully automatic and there is no necessity for you to have any knowledge or particular skill to operate it. It is simple to handle and very intuitive to use.

Special Functions

Through the menu, it’s possible to activate special programs that allow opportunity charging, fast charging or other type of charges based on the charging needs you might have!

Featured Videos

Multi-volt Control Card

Every control card is multi-volt and resets in a very simple way.

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Calibrate your charge

 Calibrate every step of the charging cycle through the control card.

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Technical Specifications

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