Among the traditional 50Hz chargers, the EVO Series stands out for its integrated features and functionalities.

The innovative control card and the cabinet with the cutting-edge design makes this series one of a kind.


Special Functions

The innovative control card that offers the possibility to activate the different programs to customize the charging cycle based on the battery conditions or based on a specific charging need.

Safety and Reliability

The night charging cycle can be performed in absolute safety because there are severals safety control systems that guarantee its reliability.

User Friendly

The battery charger doesn’t require any interaction from you as the charging cycle begins automatically. The backlit display shows the most important charging parameters regarding the charging cycle.


Through the special software, our 50Hz chargers can half the energy consumption. If you don’t believe it, try us!

Featured Videos

Multi-volt Control Card

Every control card is multi-volt and resets in a very simple way.

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Calibrate your charge

 Calibrate every step of the charging cycle through the control card.

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Technical Specifications

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